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Greater Victoria School District No.61
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Aboriginal Pride and Success Through Education

In 1979, the Greater Victoria School District joined with the Victoria local of the United Native Nations to form a Commission to review and make recommendations regarding the special educational and cultural needs of District Aboriginal Students. The findings of this Commission led to the creation of the First Nations Education Division, which has since become the Aboriginal Nations Education Division, ANED.

ANED Today

ANED today operates within the Educational Services Department to address the needs of Aboriginal students in our District schools. The work of ANED is guided by the Enhancement Agreement.

To support the Enhancement Agreement goals, ANED works to:

  • Increase Aboriginal students’ sense of place, of caring, and of belonging in the public school system;
  • Honour and improve relationships between the Greater Victoria School District and the Aboriginal community and parents;
  • Increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history, traditions and culture;
  • Increase success of all Aboriginal students

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556 Boleskine Road
Victoria BC, V8Z 1E8
Phone: 250-652-9101
Fax: 250-652-9114

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Tel: (250) 475-4123
Fax: (250) 475-4109

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Phone: 475-4124

Kindergarten Programs

The Aboriginal Nations Kindergarten teachers and Aboriginal Education Assistants provide a positive, nurturing environment for Aboriginal students in two locations:

Elders, parents and community members are involved in the program to encourage learning based on the culture, heritage and history of Aboriginal people. This is a full-day kindergarten program that also provides opportunities for all students to be involved in the cross-cultural activities.

For more information on Early Years Programming please contact phone number above.


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