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Program Description:

Journeys of the Heart Cultural Learning Program (JOH) is a ten month program for Aboriginal children aged two to five years old and their families. The program nurtures a child's cultural identity while preparing them for the education system. JOH will provide children and their caregivers the necessary skills and tools to promote a positive transition into the public school system.


Prerequisite: Aboriginal children, age 2 to 5 years and their caregivers. To apply to our JOH Program, please call Jackie Moffatt and fill out a registration form.

Contact info:
Jackie Moffat
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250 384-9466


The philosophy of the program is to provide opportunities to foster the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of Aboriginal children, support parents as primary teachers of Aboriginal children, recognize and support the traditional roles of extended family members in the education of Aboriginal children, and maintain that the program works with and has the support of local community programs.

Program Services

Journeys of the Heart prepares Aboriginal children for Kindergarten while fostering a strong sense of cultural identity.

  • School readiness: fulfilling requirements for kindergarten participation using cultural curriculum designed specifically for Journeys of the Heart
  • Parent Support ie. Role modeling, positive parenting techniques, discipline strategies and importance of establishing a routine
  • Socialization skills ie. Taking turns and sharing, respecting each other
  • Seeds of empathy teaching to verbalize thoughts and feelings
  • Moe the Mouse speech and language program
  • Sport ball encouraging physical activity emphasizing its importance on brain development
  • ¬†Building capacity within the community by connecting Urban Aboriginal families to community resources and celebrations ie. Speech & Language Therapy, Developmental Assessments, Back to School Picnic, Celebrating Student Success


  • Aboriginal people will feel more empowered and demonstrate an increased capacity within their community.
  • Fewer urban Aboriginal families will be investigated or children removed due to parenting challenges or academic struggles of the child.


Statistics show that Aboriginal children have a higher rate of success in the mainstream school system if they are able to attend programs that prepare them for school and that provide culturally appropriate programming.


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